Hi..about me..

Hi! I am K.S.Manikandan, ‘Mani’ or ‘KS’ to near and dear. I realised the power of internet when it helped me find a friend who I last met in my third standard! Thats when I decided to harness the potential of net much further. This blog is a step forward in that. I hope that this would be a place where I can share my feelings on an event, a movie, a book or ‘chumma’ just like that..a place where I hope to find newer friends…an attempt to satisfy my ego of publishing something ;)…a worthy hobby that might help me view things differently and help improve my language…
I am based in the garden city of Bangalore (India) and currently pursuing a doctorate in management.


3 thoughts on “Hi..about me..

  1. there’s a minor typo in ‘Kaniyan Poongunranar’ – in the thoughts from my mother tongue. Why don’t you copy this string there: kaṇiyaṉ Pūṅkuṉṛaṉār.

  2. hey KS..isnt that me? the friend u found on internet after almost 15 yrs. I’m happy that it made you do something good. I was always proud of you..You rock.

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