Shame on you Congress!

My sympathies for the Congress party which has already reached abysmally low levels since the start of UPA-2 is on the verge of complete extinction now. It pains to see how this party and the Government can stoop to such low levels in resisting attempts for cleaner governance. Why is there such a barrage of insinuations and vilification of civil society representatives in the Drafting Committee of the Lok Pal Bill? The Bhushans have been carrying out their fight against corruption at high places for quite some time now. Why were the issues raised now not raised earlier? One wonders what moral right does Digvijaya Singh have in giving his opinions on Justice Santosh Hegde! And now the Congress ‘High Command’ has directed their members not to air opinions in public. Are we so dumb to believe that Mr. Singh made his statements without the blessings of the ‘High Command’? I am not saying that all the allegations are false, I am not the one to judge it. But the timing surely stinks!

Shame on you Congress! You are the oldest party of the country, the party that has ruled the country for most times, the party which was rewarded with a couple of hundred seats in the Lok Sabha for the performance of UPA-1. And people expected you to double up the good work without the constraints of coalition partners, and here you stand having squandered such an opportunity. Taking comfort in the fact that no credible alternative exist you have become arrogant! Shame on you!


One thought on “Shame on you Congress!

  1. The country has been “too stable” for comfort under Congress. Stability for its own sake through appeasements and compromises. Time out Congress !

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