Voice Against Corruption – A Plea to the Prime Minister

Are you concerned about the corruption that engulfs public life in India? Are you conerned enough? Are you enraged? Are you enraged enough? Do you want to make a difference? Do you want your voice heard? Write to the Prime Minister. That’s what we did. A group of like minded people in my campus got together and decided that it is high time we stay a mute spectator to the decline of our country. We wrote a petition to the PM to act immediately and decisively and transparently in the CWG and 2G scams. Some 40 odd people have signed it. We are sending the petition to the PMO tomorrow. Will it make a difference at all? We sincerely believe it will. However infinitesimal the difference, it is infinitely greater than just cribbing over coffee table conversations.

The petition is reproduced below. In case you believe in the cause and method, please take a print out of the petition, get it signed from others around you and send it to the Prime Minister TODAY. It takes not more than a couple of hours. It can be as low as only 10 signatures. It can be only your signature. The effort is only to take the printout and mail it the PMO. Most offices should have concierge’s office for courier, postal etc. So it is not as difficult as it seems. You can even fax it.

Even if you do not believe in this cause or this particular method, GET ENGAGED in one form or the other. It is high time privileged citizens like us GET ENGAGED with the affairs of the country.


Text of the petition:

Voice Against Corruption – A Plea to the Prime Minister

Honourable Prime Minister Sir,

We, the people, are deeply concerned about the recent developments in our country, namely the exposure of the huge scams in the issue of 2G spectrum licences and the conduct of Commonwealth Games (CWG). We condemn the lack of urgency and transparency that the Government has displayed in handling these charges.

Sir, we had placed great faith in your leadership. Now, we are deeply grieved by your silence. Your silence on these scams and the brazenness of our public officials towards public opinion in this regard is deeply disturbing. It is quite saddening to see that even the findings of Constitutional authorities like the Honourable Supreme Court and the Comptroller and Auditor General of India are approached with substantial indifference. The lack of urgency and transparency in the Government’s response in this regard is telling.

While corruption has always been an enemy that we have fought against, these recent issues have stretched the limits of our tolerance. We sincerely believe that that the manner in which we address these two issues would be a test of our National will to root out corruption from public life. We believe that it is also a test of the political will of the Government in delivering clean and transparent governance.

Sir, we demand accountability from our public officials. As the highest elected public official in the country, we look up to you to lead us by example. We place the following demands for your consideration:

1. There should be utmost urgency and transparency in engaging with the 2G spectrum case. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India’s report on the 2G spectrum license issue should be tabled in the Parliament immediately.

2. We urge you to apprise the Nation of the Government’s position and approach on the entire 2G and CWG issues from the floor of the Parliament immediately.

3. We urge you to ask the Minister for Communications and Information Technology to resign from the Cabinet with immediate effect so as to ensure a fair and impartial trial.

4. Joint Parliamentary Committees (JPC) should be constituted to investigate into the alleged malpractices and corruption in both CWG and 2G episodes.

5. We urge you to ensure that the JPC submits its findings within 100 days and action taken on the report within 30 days of its receipt.

6. Lastly but most importantly, we urge you to bring to bear the weight of your office to ensure that the Lok Pal Bill be passed in the current session of the Parliament itself. In this regard, may we please recall your attention to the address you made at the All India Conference of Lokayuktas and Uplokayuktas in September, 2004, in which you said:

“..we also have the mandate given by the Common Minimum Programme to enact the Lok Pal Bill which, over past three decades has been introduced from time to time in Parliament, I believe eight times, but unfortunately could not enter our statute books. I have no hesitation in saying – and even confessing – that the absence of an institution such as the Lok Pal at the Centre is to some extent negatively affecting the working of the Lokayukta institutions at the state level. The need for Lok Pal is, therefore, much more urgent at present than ever before and we shall take effective action in this regard without any further loss of time.”

You had also famously quoted Victor Hugo in your historic 1991 Budget Speech. “No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come”, you said. Sir, we believe the time has come to make it clear to ourselves as a Nation and the world that we will not take corruption in public life lightly. The Lok Pal Bill should be tabled in the Parliament in the current session itself and the current session of the Parliament should not be adjourned till the Bill is passed.

7. We request you to put in place systems that would ensure and facilitate active engagement of the Citizens with the government, enhance transparency and accountability in governance. We believe that we need to raise the level of public debate in our country.

Sir, we welcome your decision to disclose the assets and liabilities received from the members of the Council of Ministers in the public domain. We make a plea to you to do more in restoring our faith in India’s democracy. On this day, as we celebrate our Nation’s children, we want you to assure us that a corruption free India is not just a dream. We want us and our coming generations to live that dream. We look up to you to lead us in making that dream a reality.


Give your name, signature, contact address/emailid.

Send it or fax it:

The Prime Minister’s Office

South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi, India-110 101.

Telephone: 91-11-23012312.Fax: 91-11-23019545 / 91-11-23016857.


One thought on “Voice Against Corruption – A Plea to the Prime Minister

  1. Corruption in 2G and CWG looklike we INDIANS are fool and no ability to save us against continous rape by our country leader in form of hanging country’s growth.

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