Seven random? truths

I am tagged by Shreya and Deepa to reveal ‘seven random truths’ about myself that others may not be aware of.  So here I go,

1. I love food. I eat when I am hungry, happy, sad or bored and nothing else to do. And since patience is not one of the virtues that I have, I eat fast!! Some of my friends have pointed out that I do not chew my food and swallow it directly. Some have complained that I finish my share fast and start digging into their plates. But there is one advantage though, whenever we go out, my friends do not worry if we would order too much. “Mani is there to take care of that!!” I love my mom’s food the best. For all my love for good food, I have not experimented much different cusine, though I am now beginning to.

2. I tend to reread books that I have read already and watch movies/TV series that I have watched already. One of my wise friend says that I love to do things that I am certain of/ or in control of. That explains why I practiced some questions mutliple times over for QM quizzes and left some unprepared. That also explains why I stayed away from data analysis part of my dissertation for a long while and was content with theory 🙂 Thanks to my colleagues who keep reminding me that I won’t earn a dissertation without doing data stuff, I have started data analysis now

3. So I lack patience. I love things to be in control. And I love to work in teams. So what am I doing in a doctoral programme! Maybe trying to unlearn all these things. Partly successful so far 🙂 Talking of dissertation, the most frequently posed question these days to me is “When are you finishing your studies?”. My standard answer: “In a years time”. Yes definitely in a years time.

4. I am an emotional person and gets attached to persons and places quite strongly, if at all I manage to get attached to. I left home for the first time for my first job with TVS Motors at Hosur. I was so homesick for the first few months. To get over this, I used to stay in company after work and spend time in their library till the last available bus left. At the end of the first quarter I revcieved an award for the best user of the library!! The day I left TVS after an year, I was almost on the verge of tears. The same with people. I get attached to some close friends so much so that sometimes it causes problems. The awareness of this has helped me but I don’t think I have changed. This is how I am and it works for me. I don’t want to change.

5.  I tend to think that I know best of what is good for me. And for most times, others too! And I dont hesitate in giving unsolicited advice/inputs/suggestions whatever you may call it. Most of my friends understand this is some genetic thing and are forgiving. Thanks for all of you for bearing with me on this. 

6. The best days of my life so far were my schooldays. I belonged to the first batch of the school where I did my VI standard onwards. We grew up together with the school actually. The teachers were really good and took extra attention to see that we performed well. The class was also small. So we got to be friends with all. And we enjoyed every moment of it.

7. Since, this is supposed to be a random list. The first time I told ‘I love you’ to a girl is when I was in my III standard. Yes 🙂 I had seen some tamil movie the previous day, picked up some dialogure from it and went and said I love you to some girl the next day. Only thing that I remember is that I got reprimanded by the teacher and a group of friends scared me that they would let my parents know of this. Somehow I survived 🙂 No, I don’t remember who the girl was.

And to keep this tradition of search for truths going, I tag the following people:

Nalini: You seem to have a connection with online platforms. Why not try blogging too? If not, you can use FB.

Seshadri – Sesh, we are waiting.

Marx a.k.a. Suri – I am sure it would be quite a list.

Darshit – Truths are there 🙂


3 thoughts on “Seven random? truths

  1. Interesting list, but am not surprised reading them.. somehow, they all tie in with the Mani I have known 🙂
    Acad does occupy 100% of your mind space, doesn’t it.. and perhaps rightly so too!
    ROTFL over 7 🙂

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