Bollywood = Indian Cinema?

Read a column on an insider’s take on Bollywood by Mahesh Nair in Outlook ( He lists ten top pricks for the Bollywood bubble. One caught my attention..Here is it:

“Bollywood is Indian cinema

If you are looking at revenues from film content, the southern film industry generated about Rs 1,700 crore last year; Bollywood did less than Rs 600 crore! And if you are looking at sheer numbers, there were all of 230 films in Telugu alone last year, much more than Bollywood. More Bengali and Malayalam than Hindi films have won awards abroad at prestigious film festivals. Films that are most likely to be called ‘world movies’ from India are not those from the Hindi film industry but rather Marathi. Some of the best technical crew in the country works in the south, not in Mumbai’s Film City. So isn’t it time Bollywood got off its high horse?”

Aishwarya Rajinikanth and Mahesh Bhupathi have recently teamed up to start a ‘South Indian Movie Awards extravaganza’ on the lines of IIFA.  I wish them good luck. I also wish they also include good movies from other regional languaages from west and east too as a part of this initiative.


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