We are such a male dominated society!!

I just realized how much a male dominated society we are..especially the institution of marriage. We expect a girl to almost forget her “pirantha veedu” (the family into which she is born) once she enters her “puguntha veedu” (the family she is married into). Isn’t it absurd that we expect her to ask for ‘permission’ from in-laws/husband to visit her pirantha veedu!! I cannot imagine asking permission from anyone to visit MY HOME. The irony is that even the mother-in-laws and sister-in-laws who themselves are daughter-in-laws elsewhere feel that is necessary to get ‘permission’. Even those men/in-laws who ‘let’ their wives/daughter-in-laws visit their pirantha veedu when they want think they are gracious enough and are being very liberal and doing a great thing! I used to think the same. I would be liberal. I would give my wife freedom to live her life. But who am I to give her “her freedom”! We live in such a male dominated society that unconsciously each and every one of is a victim.


One thought on “We are such a male dominated society!!

  1. But, I thought things have started changing a bit these days. Quite scary to know that things have not changed all that much as yet.

    However, when we have got used to something over a very very long time, in this case, centuries or millenia, it is going to take quite a bit of time before we change, consciously and more importantly unconsciously.
    And, I am of the opinion that, men who have sisters understand this far more easily and actively look at easing out their women’s lives than others.

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