Should Rahul Gandhi join the Cabinet?

The Reuters website had asked this question in their website (

Should Rahul Gandhi join the cabinet? If yes, which portfolio would suit him best.

My opinion:

The real question to ask here is as to in which role would Rahul Gandhi is more needed today both with respect to the Congress party and the country in general. The answer to that question is that Rahul Gandhi has a greater role to play outside the Cabinet than being part of it. By being part of the Cabinet he would be forced to devote more of his time and energy within the narrow confines of that ministry apart from giving some inputs in the Cabinet meetings etc. Indeed this is an important role. But consider the role outside it. By virtue of his surname, his clear intention to make a difference and bring about a changes, his demonstrated actions over the last two years and the electoral mandate which has vindicated his approach to a great extent, Rahul Gandhi is uniquely positioned to continue with greater fervor his attempts to bring in more democratisation in the country’s oldest and popular political party and in a larger context inspire the youth of this nation to take more active interest in politics. While there may be a lot of equally competent people to fill in the role of a Cabinet minister, Rahul is uniquely positioned to fulfill the latter role. For the long term interests of his own party and the country Rahul should not accept to be part of the Ministry and continue the good work that he has been doing. If at all, he becomes a Minister I would like to see him as Minister for Rural Development or Health or Program Implementation.


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