Mandate 2009: The real test starts now

To the collective relief and surprise of all we have a stable government at the centre and that too free of any major encumbrances to govern. And to the collective of relief of many it is not a BJP led government!

I was proved completely wrong in Tamil Nadu. DMK did not do as bad as expected. Given my training as a strategy researcher for the last one year, ex-post I can propose that people voted against the Third Front in Tamil Nadu 🙂  Jokes and ex-post analysis apart I should say I am happy that a stable, free government is finally there under the leadership of Dr.Manmohan Singh.

The real test for Dr.Singh starts now. Given his age and recent medical ailments, he may want be a “man in a hurry” (courtesy: ToI today’s edition). It was heartening to see in the news today that the PM has asked every department to come with a 100-day plan and has said that he will hold his ministers responsible for the delivery of the promises made in the manifesto. He can start by inducting the right persons for the job. A healthy mix of youth and experience is promised. Lets hope it will be delivered.

NREGA and RTI were two very good pieces of legislation that the outgoing government can take credit of. Agreed there may be shortcomings in these (every law or initiative has them), but still these are legislations that would impact the social, economic and political evolution in the times to go. The new government while plugging the gaps in these should look ahead to create more such legislations which will institutionalize inclusive growth of our country.  I would like to see legislations which would guarantee each of our citizens the Right to Education and Right to primary health.

As far as Rahul is concerned, I would like him to work and build the party further rather than take up ministerial positions now. Over the last one year I have become a huge fan of him. He appears to be sincere and is talking the kind of politics that I would like to see. He has lots of things still to do to make progress on his vision for the party in specific and politics in general. Though Congress might have surprised itself by winning more than 200 seats, much needs to be done. The results are not a reflection of Congress’s revival as some may like to see. It is the result of many factors. If something can be claimed about the mandate, it is that it is a mandate for stability. Congress need to reinvent itself. The recent victory should help Rahul assert himself more and usher in the change.

The real test for the Congress and Dr.Singh’s government starts now.


3 thoughts on “Mandate 2009: The real test starts now

  1. I agree the real test starts now.. with the recession still taking its toll, the threat from internal as well as external terrorism that we r facing,.. and the most imp is the task of proving to the voters that they had taken the right decision.

  2. U bet me to the punch.. I also wanted to do a similar blog about the mandate but too lazy as usual.. It is heartening that Dr. Singh has indicated education, agriculture and rural health as his top priorities.. Again hoping for some substantial improvement in infrastructure and power generation..

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