TN elections and the ‘Final offensive’ in Sri Lanka

“On the basis of reports from the military commanders I can say that the troops are poised for a major breakthrough in the next 48 hours.” – Gotabaya Rajapakse; The Hindu, 12th May

In less than 12 hours, TN will go out to vote for the next Lok Sabha. And by evening tommorrow, the elections would be over. No wonder Sri Lanka’s Defence Minister and the chief architect of the  ongoing ‘Decimate LTTE whatever the costs’ war would expect a ‘major breakthrough’ in the next 48 hours. The elections in TN, that too in the last phase, had in a way constrained the Army offensive over the last ten days at least. Now that this hurdle is going to go away, no doubt Sri Lankan military will use the time window between the final day of elections and the formation of the next government to launch its ‘final offensive’.

In one sense the end to this war would remove at least one of the two preperators of the humanitarian crisis that has plaguing the Sri Lankan Tamils for the last three decades. The LTTE hopefully would be finished. At the least it would remove the LTTE from the equation. What is important if the Tamils were to be truly liberated is to reign in on the Sinhalse fundamentalists too, especially considering that this ‘military success’ would go to their heads.

Read the following accounts which makes it clear that the fundamentalist Sri Lankan government is as equal a culprit as the LTTE:

One can only hope that the world will now reign in on them to bring a equitable and just settlement to the Tamil issues. One can also hope that there is a hung Parliament after the elections and we will go for polls again in a year. That should bring back the Tamil issue into the forefront atleast for the period of campaigning!


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