Adding salt to injury

Karunanidhi would have us believe that his “breakfast to lunch fast unto death” did what the UN Security Council, the UK and US could not. He got the iron hearted Rajapakse to stop the offensive!!

Jayalalithaa would have us believe that she would get a separate Eelam as if its something that is available in some shop!

Hundreds die and thousands suffer, but Vaiko is only concerned about the safety of Prabhakaran!

Sonia comes to Chennai and claim “It is due to our government’s resolute efforts that the Sri Lankan government announced the conclusion of combat operations.”!!

But the reality:

“We’ve been consistently warning against a bloodbath, and the large-scale killing of civilians including more than 100 children this weekend appears to show that the bloodbath has become a reality,” UN spokesman Gordon Weiss.

The sad truth is no one really cares..not the voters..not the politicians..The SL Tamil issue will never be a factor day after tommorrow when people go out to vote.

Given this I really cannot understand why the politicians are making a farce here claiming to fight for those poor people! It’s like adding salt to injury!! And its an insult to the spirit of those thousands who have been over the last three decades live in hope against great odds that someday they would get to live in peace.

P.S.: Found this damning account of The Guardian on  the state of affairs in Sri Lanka after I posted this blog:


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