Sarkar raj – Relevant for the times

I watched Sarkar raj in theatre last week. I liked it very much and would rate it better than Sarkar. As far as the performances go, Ash looked awesome in her formal suits and played her part effectively, Abhishek displayed the intensity that few of his contemporaries could and Big B proved why he is Big B. The scenes where he talks to Abishek in the hospital and the climax sequence where he takes back control show how good an actor he is. Add to this his sheer charisma and screen presence, he brings the character Subash Nagre to life on screen. The music, photography and feel of the movie resembled Sarkar. The screenplay is tight and well executed. The movie has unexpected twists and even expected twists come in unexpected moments!


I was more impressed with the theme of the film. The movie revolves around a conspiracy to dislodge the Nagres from their seat of ‘power’ just like the one in the earlier version. But this time, we have an interesting backdrop to this conspiracy. The movie brings out the debates surrounding ‘developmental politics’ and the various tensions that globalization and privatization can bring about. Ant this is the reason I found the movie interesting and relevant. Shankar Nagre (Abishek) displays the brand of politics that I believe in and would like to see our politicians to adopt. He is convinced that industrial development is necessary for the long term well being of the people and goes village by village to convince the villagers to look for long term benefits and not be discouraged by temporary pain. How much I would love our policy makers to be like him and enter into a discussion with the affected parties, convince them and take them on board before they embark on big ticket developmental projects. The interaction between Ash and Abishek on the role of business in development and the way Abishek slowly wins over Ash’s mind is very educative and relevant to current days.  On the other hand we have Somji (the character that has striking similarity to Raj Thackerey) who raises the people against the power project for his own selfish political reasons by giving provocative and flowery speeches. The reviews of the movie do not fail to point out that the film is inspired by Enron project. I do not see it that way. By reducing it to Enron project, we overlook the larger debate that the movie can bring out namely the various interest groups that use such developmental projects to personal ends and hamper the betterment of standard of lives of ordinary people. We see it happening in real time, don’t we? Remember what’s happening in Singur on the Tata Nano project and how the political parties are trying hard to gain political mileage out of it ?


Sarkar raj is a movie that is a mark of times that we live in. The larger debate that the movie brings about is relevant. Moreover the performances of the cast and the execution by RGV is brilliant, which makes the movie a must watch.


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