Fever Pitch – It’s easy to change for those you love

A couple of brand makeovers in the recent past had captured my attention – interestingly both them being that of banks. One was UTI Bank’s makeover as Axis bank, which used a series of ads featuring twins and the message that everything is the same except the name. The other, the subject matter of this blog, is the brand makeover of Canara Bank trying to shrug off its laidback PSU image into a modern banking one. The Canara Bank story was based on the message “It is easy to change for those you love. We are changing for you”.  I found the UTI ads cute because of the twins, but found it not great on message as I ended up thinking “Whats the use when thre is no change but the name?”. While the second set of ads on Canara Bank were powerful to get across the message that the bank is taking steps to change for you – the customer. These marketing analysis apart I really loved and believed in thier message – “It is easy to change for those you love”.

Isn’t it true? Isn’t it what life is all about? A movie that I saw yesterday, “Fever Pitch” made me thinking on these lines agin.


“Fever Pitch” is a romantic comedy featuring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Fallon who plays Ben Wrightman is a huge huge fan of the Boston Red Sox baseball team and that is an understatement. Having spent his childhood with a divorcee mother and Uncle Carl whose only interest was in baseball, the Red Sox and the Fenway Park (Red Sox’s home ground) are the friend, family and everything for Ben. Every season he watches every game at the Fenway Park courtesy the season tickets that his uncle had inherited to him. This big obsession of his has been a problem with his previous dates as well. Ben meets Lindsey (Drew Barrymore), an ambitious upcoming corporate executive and asks her out after the first meeting. Their first date turns out to be a cute little disaster! Lindsey is sick and puking by the time he arrives at her home. He helps her, make her rest, cleans up the mess and falls asleep on the sofa!! (Now, you can’t ask for a better first date than that to show your love to your lady, can you?) Lindsey starts liking Ben too, a different sort of guy than all the previous executive sort of guys she had dated before. Lindsey asks Ben to come over to her parent’s place for the Easter weekend when Ben tells her of his ‘problem’ regarding to his obsession with the Red Sox.  In fact, he asks her to come to the opening weekend with her breaking her traditional Easter vacation with her parents and she obliges. She starts learning about the game and accompanies him for the games. But she finds it difficult to manage her office as well where she is fighting to get the next promotion. Things get worse when Lindsey asks Ben to accompany her to Paris where she is going on an official trip, but for Ben he cannot miss his game. Upset with this and that her plans of letting Ben know of her pregnancy when in Paris not happening, Lindsey snaps with him and even aborts her child, having doubts on the relationship now. A couple of make-ups and break-ups later, the movie heads to the climax, when at last Ben decides to sell his season tickets to a friend of his in order to prove his love for Lindsey. The beautiful climax has Lindsey running all across the Fenway park in the middle of a baseball game and stopping Ben. “You love me enough to sell your tickets. I love you enough not to let you. What do you say we try to do all of it?” she says.


And that friends sum up the message used by Canara Bank as well. We all change for the people we care and we love..and we must. It is very easy to live our lives on our own terms without any regard for others but it makes a great and a fuller life if one can accommodate for the near and dear ones. I am not saying that one should not have any individual goals or that sort of thing, but it is important to respect those you love – be it your parents, friends, wife or kids – and make some adjustments in life. Ben decided to give up his lifelong obsession for his love, of course it is just a moive, but  we can sure make some small adjustments for the people we care. And it is these small adjustments that strengthens a relationship, brings it more joy and fulfillment and makes this life worthwhile.


P.S: Coming back to the movie, I liked the movie very much. Some of the dialogues are very good like these ones:

“Look if I keep these seats, all I think about every time I am here is what I gave up to be here” – Ben to his friends in the Fenway park who urge him not to sell his tickets.


“He fanned me with a magazine for four years when I was going through menopause. I can put up with this” – Lindsey’s mother to Lindsey, when Lindsey asks how she could put up with her father’s new hairdo


“You love the Sox..but have they ever loved you back” – A school boy to Ben


“Are you faking it, because we don’t have to really do it if you don’t want to “ – Ben to Lindsey when he sees her puking on him coming to her house for the first date.


So do watch the movie if you get hold of it. It is definitely worth your hour and a half.


And yes, it is official. I have become a fan of Drew Barrymore. She is really cute, pretty and beautiful. Will watch more movies of her now J








3 thoughts on “Fever Pitch – It’s easy to change for those you love

  1. Hi Mani,
    This is a very good port. And I cannot agree more. But, what about that lagging feeling of sacrificing individual goals for the sake of others? If it is true love, will we not have that feeling?

  2. Very very well written Mani ! Nicely integrated the theme of the ads, with the movie…with your own thoughts ! Powerful thoughts conveyed simply – yet effectively 🙂 Good stuff man ! Keep going 🙂

  3. Have you seen “Poison Ivy” – Drew Barrymore was at her best (in terms of looks)…..well, if you ask me about the plot of the movie? its not worth a look, but u can check it out if you wanna relish DB 🙂

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