Walking is the best medicine – Hippocrates!!

Check this article from the Sunday Magazine of ‘The Hindu’ dated 13th April 2008


I have started walking regularly again..that means atleast once in two days..This is my Nth walking initiative..let me see how long it will last..this time around it should last longer i feel..after all Hippocrates himself has recommended walking as the best medicine!!

On a lighter note I was telling a friend of mine today that walking makes me feel good that i am doing atleast something useful in the day…with my day (and night) being spent purposelessly this is a feeling that i need to assuage my guilt..Maybe this will be the reason why this time the walking programme will last a little longer than usual 🙂



2 thoughts on “Walking is the best medicine – Hippocrates!!

  1. I completely agree and I bow down to Hippocrates – he has managed to do what I never have been able to – that is, make people put on their walking shoes and start! 😀

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