mentally rambling…

i am going to miss a lot of friends..they are leaving..of course they are not leaving forever..we will remain in touch..but i know its never going to be the same again….but it was never the same for quite some time now..but it was not within my control..and i hate being out of control..i wish i had a rewind button for life..i wish everything were the same asking..i keep asking ‘why?’ why did everthing happen the way it did..

they say whatever happens it is for good only..i keep telling myself to accept everything..keep telling myself “do not judge”…at the moment  i am struggling though….soon i will overcome this..for i know life will have something more challenging for me soon enough..thats the beauty of life….time and again it shows you that it is the journey that is supreme..


One thought on “mentally rambling…

  1. Rewind button for life…reminds me of an advertisement for an air-conditioner – “how would it be if there was a button to uncomplicate life” 😉

    Just does nt happen man ! If u ve time, suggest u read the blogs of Adu – A Verity, and Jag – No dress rehearsals here. We all face tumultous moments and ask ourselves…shit how did THIS happen ! No one can prepare us for life’s surprises – most importantly the ones caused by people close to us.

    My take on – Why all the good times at all – when they have to end anyway…

    If you are a lover of life, you will cherish the good times and people associated with them even when “its not the same again”…there ll be other good times, and other good people who will fill your “present”. Simply put – life is all about living in the present isn it – the toughest toughest thing to ever do !!! This awareness will help us avoid being cynical amidst good times – even if we “know” that they won’t last.

    About your losing control of situations – chill man…high time we realised we are not masters of the universe…there is a divine jigsaw puzzle that we cannot see…”Connecting the dots – as per Steve Jobs speech (hey surprising everybody says the same thing in different ways;). Again tough way out – surrender things that are beyond your control, and work on those that you control – essentially only yourself 🙂

    Sorry too heavy a reply…could not stop the spontaneity – also a part of the jigsaw puzzle 🙂

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