5 good movies that I saw in 2007

mozhi.jpg Mozhi – ‘Beautiful’

 Very few movies have made me feel good as Mozhi. I liked Radha Mohan’s previous movies but Mozhi made me his fan. A straightforward, simple, clean movie. Jo’s last movie before her marriage and she was at her best. I hope she resumes acting soon. The hilarious sequence in which Prakash Raj proposes to Swarnamalya (I wonder if anyone ever could do that in real life J ) and the sequence between Bhaskar and Prithiviraj stand out. ‘Kaatrin Mozhi’ song is one of my favorites now.

kalluri_t.jpg Kalloori – ‘Reality’

Films with college, friendship and love as background are not new to Tamil cinema. But Balaji Shakivel’s Kalloori took us to a college which was not shown earlier in Tamil cinema. The small town Govt Arts College was an eye opener. Balaji Shaktivel should be commended for this attempt of his.The characters were not the convent educated urbane students, but came from very modest backgrounds in rural TamilNadu. The characters – Muthu, Kayalmozhi, Ramesh, Nagarani, Kamakshi, Aadhilakshmi etc.- were not glamorous, but yet they are the beautiful characters that I saw on screen last year. The music by Joshua Sridhar was good too. I personally felt the tragic end to the movie was not warranted, though it was topical as the court ruling on the real case which inspired the case was given recently. The tragic end in his earlier movie ‘Kadaal’ which was a great success must have inspired Balaji Shaktivel. But ‘Kalloori’ would have stayed with me even without the tragic end. But maybe it would have opened other loose ends in the script. So the climax that the director chose gave him an easy way to end the movie without much loose ends.

chakde.jpg Chak de India – ‘Chak de!!’

 A wonderful tight script. Very well executed. I watched this at Rex in a night show on the opening weekend of the movie, that is, much before Chak de became ‘Chak de!’. The movie stands out in memory for its brilliant execution of the hockey match sequences and the performances of the girls. I liked this movie for the multiplicity sub-plots that ran through its script: the question over the patriotism of minority, the  dilemma within the minority community (the scene where the coach kabir khan is alienated by his own community), the male-female divide in sports, the tension between regional vs. national interests, the neglect or ignorance of people from the mainstream states of the people from states like Jharkhand and the North East and of course the tension between cricket vs. other sports.. And of course, to me this is SRK’s best since Swades.

metro.jpg Life..in a metro – ‘Emotions’

It takes a lot of courage for a director to pick up so many threads and start running…and even greater intelligence to tie them together in the end and bring the film to a fitting closure. Anurag basu did very well in this respect. Each and every actor in the movie did an excellent work. It helped that each one of them was an actor and not a star! The conversation between Irfan and Konkana towards the end of the movie, the scene where they both scream on top of a building, the sequences involving Dharmendra and Nafisa stand out in memory.

oso.jpg Om Shanti Om : ‘Pure Entertainment’

This movie was a complete package. SRK proved that is the second best entertainer in India (Of course, the first spot goes to our own Superstar). Songs were good. Deepika was stunning.

Movies that I regret not watching so far: Veyil, Katrathu Thamizh, Onbathu Rooba Notu, Pallikoodam, Taare Zameen Par

Movies that I regret watching: Billa, ATM, Spiderman 3

Looking forward in 2008 : Dasaavataram, Indiralokathil Na Azhagappan, Abhiyum Nanum, Jodha Akbar


One thought on “5 good movies that I saw in 2007

  1. What about the list for 2008 and 2009? I though Spiderman 3 was awesome. If you take the 4 negative Characters ( The Black-outfit spidey, Spidey’s friend-the new Green Goblin, Venom and Sandman) , it gives 4 different reasons why people choose the wrong path. Have to see if it fits any 2X2 matrix ;-). And Graphics were good too.

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