Class is permanent..

Indian cricket selectors are back at what they do best – spoil Indian cricket!! and the victim this time – that epitome of gentlemanly sportmanship- Rahul Dravid!

 Dravid is “rested” for the first two matches of a very important series against Pakistan!

Of course, his performance in the last few matches were not up to the mark..but can one oversee his sheer class..Are the selector’s memory so short as to forget his innings in England just a couple of months back…and where is the replacement for him in the current team? Who can fill his shoes in the middle order, face the likes of Shoaib and Salman Butt with gusto? Who is there to steady the innings in the middle overs? Sehwag?? Maybe in the era of T20s technical skills are no longer wanted!!

One report mentions Vengsarkar calling Dravid a “unidimensional” player and not of value in an ODI team. Of course he is unidimensional.. He cannot stand up and open the innings when the regular openers are not in form and do not want to face the comfort of the new ball…He cannot go in at six and play a flashing innings as an effective finisher…He is not a great slip fielder..He cannot keep wickets…He cannot give inputs to the new captain….He never puts team in front of him….He is indeed unidimensional…

But we all know Class is permanent and DRAVID IS CLASS..He will be back with a bang…Else i would start to doubt on virtues like gentlemanly conduct, dedication to one’s vocation, putting the team’s interest in front of your own etc..

P.S: If only we had that another very very special classy player in our team against australia, the scoreline would have been different!! But Indian Cricket selectors seldom learn from their past mistakes, do they?


2 thoughts on “Class is permanent..

  1. I strongly agree with you Mani. It seems a player who has given it all for his team gets treated so shabbily. I hardly seem to remember when he played for more than 5 matches continuously in the same position. It does seem so unthinkable that a player nay a gentleman of Dravid’s class is being dumped to accommodate Sehwag. Dravid remains one of the most unsung Indian players. It is a shame that even the public which would burn effigies had it been Sachin or Ganguly has hardly reacted. I am not calling out for burning effigies but a show of solidarity for the Indian player who has more than 10 ODI centuries and has not got a MOM for any of them.

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