Doubly Divine!!

“Maitrim Bhajatha” is one of my most favorite songs. I go back to it and “Kurai ondrum illai” whenever I feel down. The graceful voice of M.S. is bound to move you and raise your spirits.

The song has got a very beautiful message – it is a call to renounce agression and embrace compassion. His Holiness the Paramacharya of Kanchi wrote this song specially for  M.S. to sing in the UN General Assembly.  I found the English translation of this song today in a book. Here is it,

“Cultivate friendship that conquers all hearts,

Look upon others as thyself,

Renounce war and unnecessary competition,

Give up aggression,

Mother Earth is ready to give us all we desire,

Our lord is compassionate to all,

Observe restraint and show kindness,

May the whole world be happy and prosperous.”

Periyaval’s lyrics and the voice of M.S….doubly divine!! 

Here is the video,


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