Things I learnt from H.A.Parks!!

I was just chatting with a college friend of mine on gtalk..and thought I should blog on things that I learnt from him..

This guy is special..he is fun loving and enjoys every moment of his fact he is one of the few guys I have met who ‘lives’ every moment of their life..i have never seen him worry about anything much….even when it took time for him to get placed..he was not unduly worried and was his usual cool self….let me clarify..he was neither carefree or complacent he just took things as it came without any regrets….and he is doing very well in his job now..thats one thing I want to take from him – take things as it comes, without any regrets..his words are more precise – “God knows what is good for you and he will ensure u get it”


Now this guy is not from a rich background..I know he came from a family which was finding it difficult to make ends meet…I had been to his home and I am not sure whether I would have studied the same way he had if I was there….he was diligent and studied hard….knew the importance of education and did well in he is building a new house.. I can see how proud his parents will be of him….for me he is yet another proof of what education can do to transform lives and reshape destinies..…


Thanks da for these lessons!!


P.S: Of course I also learnt from him how not  to send an email J that story though have to wait for another day..another blog…


3 thoughts on “Things I learnt from H.A.Parks!!

  1. Good feel good blog ! It is true:- only when we are constrained in resources we realise their importance, and use them well. Your friend has only done that, but also is living life happily without getting unduly pressurised by results of his actions despite having constrained resources ! Good stuff indeed:)

  2. I somehow find it tough to believe “God knows what is good for you and he will ensure you get it”. But thats the only way one can be hopeful. And, hope is the only thing that makes us go on.

  3. i do not know what to call this blog- thought provoking or thought inducing, may b both, but whatever it is, i loved reading it.

    I feel proud of ur friend and wish him all the best in his life. May he fulfil more dreams of his parents and himself.
    I really admire parents as well who in general are always ready to make sacrifices for their children. And when parents get such diligent and good children its as if their prayers have been listened to.
    Its reason for tru joy.

    Hats off to the family!!

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