I am back…

It’s been sometime since i have last blogged..after an initial spurt of three blogs in less than a month..it has been a long gap…so am i yet another member to the growing statistic of people who start blogging and then discontinue? that is what i was thinking for sometime now…

…but i have very valid reason for this long break…i was extremely busy in my work 😉 and plain lazy…if these are reasons not valid enough…the last time i blogged and went to sleep..i woke up with a viral fever!! and me being superstitious (inspite of all the image i put of being modern) was apprehensive of blogging again…

 so why am i back now..i have an equally valid reason..i just found out August 5 is Friendship day..and what better occassion to start blogging again..

i am really fortunate all my life to meet a lot of good people …in the form of my teachers, bosses, peers and GREAT FRIENDS…thank you all for being so good to me and wish you a very happy friendship day..



2 thoughts on “I am back…

  1. Hi Man(i!), wish you a very happy friendship day. I believe that all your great friends would also be feeling fortunate to have a friend like you. On the other hand, if they do not feel so, they cannot be great friends, right? Wait a sec, is that a tautology? 😉

  2. 🙂 Your outlook in life is pretty much defined by how u wanna see it..if u have found good friends, it’s because u have been a good friend probably.

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