Shallow contempt? No…only deep disappointment!!

In this week’s Mint’s Lounge, Aakar Patel takes head-on Ramachandra Guha on his article on the Prime Minister (Telegraph, December 31 2011) and through him the middle-class’s contempt for the Prime Minister and terms it ‘shallow’. (To be sure, Mr. Guha does not use the word contempt, he only cites disappointment)  Now, I should admit, … Continue reading


For four years during my engineering days, I travelled in Route 23C to commute to college. The commute in the morning was usually spent on reading The Hindu or for the tests/exams. Had some wonderful friends sharing the commute too. Sabine Saravanan was the most regular and we both used to board at the Ayanavaram … Continue reading

The most asked question :P

A most asked question, in one form or the other, especially nowadays. I have answered this question already twice today, and my day is only starting!. I have found it not so difficult to answer though. And for once, I could not be accused of inconsistency at least. I always give the same answer. I always … Continue reading

Wisdom from the past

This is one Tamil poem that most who have learnt Tamil in schools would have come across. Part of the Purananuru (Puram + Nanuru = external + 400), a collection of 400 songs belonging to the Sangam period of Tamil literature (600 BC to 300 AD) that provides wisdom on external aspects of human life. While … Continue reading